Friday, March 31, 2017

Marching On

Do I really only have a little over two months remaining in New Orleans? It has been an incredible year living in this city and March continued on that trend. I am going to Pensacola Beach for the second time this month this upcoming weekend. Sandwiched between the two trips included a lot of studying for our NBME Pharmacology Shelf final, which I felt pretty good about. It is pretty incredible the amount of content we have covered this year and I have heard from previous students that a lot certainly sticks and is helpful in future medical school courses. With class winding down I have had more time to commit to studying for the MCAT as well as to continuing my volunteer work with NAMI New Orleans. This month, my work included ensuring their bingo materials were all set for a fundraiser benefit night. More importantly, I was tasked with calling local businesses for donation requests for silent auctions and raffles for upcoming fundraisers NAMI is running to maintain the free services they offer to the New Orleans community. NAMI has a bowling benefit night in July and the next second line walk is already coming up again in September. It is amazing how gracious many of these businesses are with donations. The community is incredibly interconnected and willing to support NAMI in its mission to provide services for individuals living with mental illness. I have continued assisting with the helpline and this remains a unique opportunity to interact with community members and assist them in accessing mental health resources that NAMI and the city in general offers.

March hours - 11
Cumulative hours - 35