Monday, October 31, 2016


Although I had been helping out NAMI here and there to this point in the semester by putting together folders for team captains for their large fundraiser, NAMIWalks New Orleans, and cleaning up after a kickoff event, October was finally here. NAMIWalks was here. The fundraiser took place on Saturday, October 14th. I woke up bright and early to help out with set-up of the event. This second line fundraiser took place in Audubon Park. We set-up tables and tents for all of the corporate sponsors who donated to NAMI and were to have display tables for their products or organizations at the event. Walkers and other NAMI supporters began showing up around 9AM or 10AM. The amount of support from the community for NAMI in creating a stigma free community regarding mental health conditions was extraordinary. The second line was lead by the New Birth Brass Band and the Pussyfooters dance/marching group (pictured below). The event included a stroll around the park, jazz music, red beans and rice and jambalaya, and the opportunity to interact with other community members dedicated to increasing awareness and changing stigma associated with mental health conditions. I helped clean-up after the event by helping other volunteers take down the numerous tables and tent we had set up earlier in the morning. The most inspiring takeaway from the event was not just the atmosphere at the event but also learning that the New Orleans community had very much so been supportive of NAMI in its efforts to assist its community as displayed by over $100,000 being raised through this fundraiser. In November, I will continue my work with NAMI by beginning to volunteer with the helpline. The NAMI helpline is available to the New Orleans community to provide community members with assistance related to mental health education and treatment or support resources available to them or their family members. I look forward to continuing to work with NAMI, building relationships with both other volunteers and community members in need of assistance in reaching resources for mental health conditions. 

October Community Service Hours - 8 hours

Cumulative Fall 2016 Community Service Hours - 14 hours